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LED PCB manufacturing technology

LED means light emitting diode,PCB means printed Circuit board So,  led pcb  is printed circuits board for light emitting diode. Currently in order to provide LED lighting’s life, LED lighting factory always use Metal core PCB for solder the LEDs Chip to the Circuit boards! […]

Aluminum pcb with insulated hole

Because Metal core Aluminum is conductor,could not fix DIP components. Insulated holes technology is the solution to solve this problem. Aluminum pcb with insulated hole Manufacturing  step: step 1: Drilled the big holes through the aluminum, Step 2: filled the holes by epoxy resin. Step 3: Lamination process,copper + [...]

The advantage of LED lamp

LED lamp with its unique advantages more and more into people's lives. This lamp exactly what advantages does?Today we'll take stock. First, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, but there does not contain lead, the traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, once such a broken [...]

How to Send Money via Paypal?

As a convenient payment method, esp. for small amount less $500, Paypal is welcomed in our company when you order prototype or pilot running of circuit board, or SMT stencil. In most of case, it’ll arrive at our company A/C immediately, except the “eCheck” method  which normally take 3-5 [...]

How to make a stackup instruction for multilayer PCB to PCB factory?

1. by *.TXT file ————————————–  Layer 1 ( Final Copper  1 OZ ) Prepreg  0.1mm ————————————–  Layer 2 (  Start Copper  1 OZ, Control  Impedance single end: 5mil, 50 +/-5 Ohm,REF. L1,L3 ) FR4 Core 0.3mm ————————————–  Layer 3 (  Start Copper  1 OZ ) Prepreg  0.1mm ————————————–  Layer [...]

PCB with countersink holes

Countersink Holes is for fix the PCB onto/into the plastics BOX by the screw. Many people called countersink holes as sink hole or countersunk hole on PCB boards.   counter sink holes pth counter sink holes counter sink holes counter sink holes [...]

How to make a Impedance control instruction for PCB supplier?

Impedance control instruction for PCB supplier If you PCB need to control impedance,cutomer need to make a instruction for your PCB supplier. Follow is a Mocro soft excel file,you just fill it as your requirement and send It to PCB manufacturer,please adjust layers as your PCB design. Impedance control requirement sheet [...]

Bergquist thermal clad mp-06503

Bergquist MP-06503 metal core pcb(MCPCB) Bergquist thermal clad mp-06503 As a leading of thermal maetrial suppler in the world, Bergquist provide reliable and stable raw material for customer. As a suppiler, Bergquist have established a good working relationship with Andwin,provide perfect service and technology Support for us. Andwin remain [...]

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