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FR-4 epoxy fiberglass fabric plate, is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Its adhesive sheet and thin copper clad laminate are important substrates for making multilayer printed circuit boards.

The mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance and moisture resistance of epoxy fiberglass fabric are higher than that of paper substrates. It has good electrical performance, high working temperature, and its performance is affected by the environment small. In the processing technology, it is more advantageous than other resin fiberglass cloth. This type of products are mainly used for double-sided PCB, the dosage is very large.

Application of epoxy fiberglass cloth plate, the most widely used product model for FR-4, due to electronic product installation technology and PCB technology development needs, but also the emergence of high TG FR-4 products.

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