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Aluminum base plate is a kind of metal base CCL with good heat dissipation function, and the general single Panel is composed of three-layer structure, which is circuit layer (copper foil), insulating layer and metal subbase. For high-end use is also designed for dual-panel, the structure of the circuit layer, insulation, aluminum, insulating layer, circuit layer. Very few applications for multilayer, can be ordinary multilayer board and insulation layer, aluminum base

Aluminum substrates have the following unique advantages

Comply with RoHS requirements;

More suitable for SMT process;

In the circuit design of the thermal diffusion of the very effective treatment, thus reducing the operating temperature of the module, prolong the service life, improve power density and reliability;

Reduce the radiator and other hardware (including thermal interface materials) assembly, reduce product volume, reduce hardware and assembly costs The optimal combination of power circuit and control circuit;

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