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The cost of PCB raw material continuely rise, it is more than 30%

First, an overview of the incident Recently, according to the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association released information, including copper foil, electrolytic solvents, cobalt salts and other lithium battery raw material prices rose significantly, [...]

The advantage of LED lamp

LED lamp with its unique advantages more and more into people's lives. This lamp exactly what advantages does?Today we'll take stock. First, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, but there does not contain lead, [...]

How to Send Money via Paypal?

As a convenient payment method, esp. for small amount less $500, Paypal is welcomed in our company when you order prototype or pilot running of circuit board, or SMT stencil. In most of case, it’ll [...]

Bergquist thermal clad mp-06503

Bergquist MP-06503 metal core pcb(MCPCB) Bergquist thermal clad mp-06503 As a leading of thermal maetrial suppler in the world, Bergquist provide reliable and stable raw material for customer. As a suppiler, Bergquist have established a [...]

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