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Heavy copper pcb manufacturers in China

Heavy copper PCB manufacturers always called >3 oz thick copper pcb as heavy copper PCBs,
There is really no set definition of what constitutes a Heavy Copper PCB.
General,in the industry label PCBs with 3 or more ounces of copper on the inner or outer layers as a heavy copper PCB.

Andwin have made many type heavy copper pcb and extreme thick copper PCB for Customer.
such as inner layer 8 OZ, out layer 40 OZ(1.05mm).

24 OZ heavy copper pcb

Heavy copper pcb manufacturer Andwin Circuits

Heavy copper pcb thick copper PCB

Layers: 2 L
PCB Thick: 3.0mm
Copper : 24 Oz
Surface treatment: HASL Lead Free
Solder mask : Green
Silk screen:No
Appication: unmanned aerial vehicle

With the development of electronic technology, more and more functional elements integrate on the printed circuit board, and the conduction capability and carrying capacity have become increasingly demanding,then, the copper thickness will become increasingly thick, so, the PCB with extra-thick copper foil (343um and above) which is able to provide high current and integrate power supply will gradually become a trend in the future of the circuit board industry and has a broad market prospect.

heavy copper pcb

thick copper pcb

The manufacturing process of the PCB with
10 oz copper foil, and with the addition method, the PCB with 343 um copper foil
as manufactured successfully with the 4OZ copper clad laminate.

What’s more,analyzed and discussed the feasibility of several production
processes, and studied the critical control point affecting it’s quality, then,
through improving and optimizing, we have identified the ideal process routes and
process conditions.

heavy copper pcb manufacturer

Heavy copper PCB application

  • Communications
  • Network energy
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military Transportation

rigid flex board application

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ISO 9001:2008

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