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PCB stack up

Sometime we called PCB stack up as pcb structure.
It is very important for multilayer pcb impedance control.

A typical PCB stackup is constructed from multiple alternating layers of core,
prepreg, and copper foil materials heat-pressed and glued together.

Layer stack-up specifies the proper arrangement of circuit board layers for
Multilayer pcb boards before starting board layout design. Stack-up mainly
defines which layers should be solid power and ground planes,
the substrate (dielectric constant), and the spacing between layers.
While planning a layer stack-up, also compute the desired trace dimension
And minimum trace spacing.

General 4 Layers pcb stack up:

4 Layer pcb stack up finished 1.6mm
4 layers standard stack up 1.0mm


General 6 Layers pcb stack up:

6 layers standard stack up 1.6mm
6 layers standard pcb stack up finished 1.0mm

General 8 Layers pcb stack up:

8 layers standard stack up 1.6mm
8 layers standard stack up 1.0mm

Prepreg thickness of raw material ( ITEQ ShengYi ):

ITEQ Raw material IT180A
shengyi Raw material

Core of PCB material:

PCB core CCL


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