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LED lamp with its unique advantages more and more into people‘s lives. This lamp exactly what advantages does?Today we’ll take stock.

First, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, but there does not contain lead, the traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, once such a broken mercury vapor lamp will evaporate into the atmosphere, thuspolluting the environment, while the LED lamp can well protection of the environment, is recognized as one of thegreen light.

Secondly, LED fluorescent lamp is cold light source, unlike traditional lamps that emit a lot of heat. It is basicallyable to convert all electrical energy into light energy, will cause waste of energy, very economical.

Again, LED fluorescent lamp is a very quiet, energy-saving lamps, does not like the noise, like the traditional fluorescent lamp, ideal for applications requiring a quiet environment, such as libraries, places like the office. Also an excellent way to protect the eyes, start very fast, no flickering, very beneficial for our health.

In addition, because the LED is green fluorescent lamps, which itself does not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, heat less well to avoid the mosquitoes around the lamp next to the situation, this gives room to create a relatively clean environment.

Finally, LED fluorescent lamp life is very long, its power consumption is less than one-third of traditional fluorescent lamp, but the brightness but with the traditional fluorescent lamp is the same. In general, the normal use of more than thirty thousand hours of life, long-term use without replacement, invisible to reduce labor costs, it is suitable for the occasion some inconvenience to replace the lamp. Of course, LED fluorescent color is very rich, you can create a variety of light-emitting colored lights to meet the needs of different occasions.


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