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From prototyping to production to repair, Andwin provides a broad range of printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing services.

Sierra Assembly PCB assembly services include designing, prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), supply chain management, and assembling a wide range of printed circuit boards.

Some more services provided by us are BGA reworking, conformal coating, IC programming, X-ray inspection, in-circuit testing (ICT), automated optical inspection, cable and wire harness assembly, Box Build assembly, and many more.

The PCB assemblies that we manufacture follow all the necessary industry standards, and are RoHS compliant.

The conformal coating and potting services that we provide are in compliance with the IPC-CC-830B standards. As a part of our PCB assembly services, we also provide prototype assemblies, which help you get a clear picture of the final assembly.

This will also help in getting rid of the errors in designing at an earlier stage, thus reducing the overall manufacturing costs. All our PCB assemblies are made in China

Repair of Printed circuit board

How to order a pcb assembly product?

To order a PCB assembly product, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your design files: You need to have your PCB design files ready in a format that the manufacturer can use. The most common formats are Gerber files, which contain the information needed to create the copper traces, drill holes, and other features on the board.

2. Choose a manufacturer: Research and choose a reliable PCB assembly manufacturer that can meet your requirements in terms of quality, price, and lead time.

3. Request a quote: Contact the manufacturer and request a quote for your PCB assembly product. Provide them with your design files, specifications, and any other relevant information that they may need.

4. Review the quote: Once you receive the quote, review it carefully to ensure that all your requirements are included and that there are no hidden costs.

5. Place your order: If you are satisfied with the quote, place your order with the manufacturer. They will then begin the process of manufacturing your PCB assembly product.

6. Receive your product: After the manufacturing process is complete, the manufacturer will ship your product to you. Make sure to inspect it carefully to ensure that it meets your specifications and quality standards.

What services can a excellent pcb assembler provide?

An excellent PCB assembly manufacturer can provide a range of services, including:

1. PCB design: The manufacturer can help design the PCB layout and circuitry for your product.

2. PCB fabrication: The manufacturer can produce the PCBs using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

3. Component sourcing: The manufacturer can source the components needed for your PCB assembly, including resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits.

4. PCB assembly: The manufacturer can assemble the PCBs using automated equipment and skilled technicians.

5. Testing and inspection: The manufacturer can test and inspect the finished PCB assemblies to ensure they meet quality standards and function properly.

6. Prototyping: The manufacturer can produce a small batch of prototype PCBs for testing and validation before full-scale production.

7. Customization: The manufacturer can customize the PCB assembly to meet your specific requirements, such as adding connectors, mounting holes, or other features.

8. Packaging and shipping: The manufacturer can package and ship the finished PCB assemblies to your desired location.

Overall, an excellent PCB assembly manufacturer can provide a comprehensive range of services to help you bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Why Andwin Circuits?

1.100% Quality Guarantee

2. A comprehensive range of PCB Assembly Services

3.Custom PCB Assembly Services:

4.No Minimum Order Quantity
You can now order just 2 boards if you so choose


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