About the relationship between PI and FPC boards

About the relationship between PI and FPC boards

PI refers to a polyimide resin material, which is now widely used in various fields and is a very good material. Some people call PI a symbolic material that promotes the reform of electronic products. . We mainly explain the location and role of FPC and PI.

PI is a material with very good high temperature resistance and will be used in aerospace technology. PI has two main locations in the board.

  1. As a circuit board substrate

This is the material that most boards are used in. The board mainly plays a role of reinforcement and thickening, mainly because the copper foil of the board is very thin, not enough to support the glue and the cover film separately. In this position of use, the PI is mainly a layer having a plurality of layers of PI for lamination, and the PI of the single layer is also very thin.

PI is not the only material used as a substrate, and there are also like PET, FR4, ET, etc., but because the soft board is affected by the material shrinkage during production, it is produced for the production yield and efficiency. Most of the FPC flexible circuit boards are made of PI as the insulating material, unless the customer requests other materials.

  1. As a cover film

The single-layer PI is very thin, and PI has a variety of properties, not only high temperature resistance, but also excellent in wear resistance and insulation. Therefore, in the place where the gold finger of the circuit board is used, the role of the PI as a protective film is often used, mainly because the gold finger needs a very connector to perform the embedding time, and the use of the ordinary cover film is long and the gold finger damage is easy.

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