Aluminium pcb manufacturers in india

1. Amitron Corporation India Pvt Ltd
2. Best Circuit Boards Pvt Ltd
3. Circuit Systems India Ltd
4. Circuitronics
5. Fine-Line Circuits Ltd
6. JLCPCB India
7. KCE Electronics Pvt Ltd
8. Miracle Electronics Devices Pvt Ltd
9. PCB Power India Ltd
10. Rush PCB Inc.

India’s aluminum PCB manufacturers in the market situation

The market situation for aluminum PCB manufacturers in India is highly competitive.

There are many manufacturers in the country that offer a range of aluminum PCB products and services to customers.

The demand for aluminum PCBs is growing in India due to the increasing use of electronic devices and the need for high-performance PCBs.


The market is dominated by a few large players, but there are also many small and medium-sized manufacturers that cater to specific niches.

The competition is intense, and manufacturers are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the market,

with disruptions in the supply chain and decreased demand in some sectors.

However, the market is expected to recover in the coming years as the economy recovers and demand for electronic devices continues to grow.

Overall, the market situation for aluminum PCB manufacturers in India is challenging but promising,

with opportunities for growth and innovation.


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