Aluminum based pcb

Aluminum based pcb

Aluminum based pcb is a good heat dissipation function of the metal-based CCL,
General single-sided aluminum based PCB composed of three layers,
1.Namely the circuit layer (copper foil),
2.Insulation Layer
3.Metal substrate layer.

For high-end use is also designed for the double-sided aluminum based pcb board,
The structure of the circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum, insulating layer, circuit

A very small number of applications for the multilayer aluminum pcbs,
Can be an ordinary multilayer and insulating layer,aluminum fit together.

aluminum based pcb

Aluminum based pcb

Aluminum based pcb

Layers: 1
Thickness: 2.0 mm +/-10%
Surface treatment: HASL RoHS
Solder mask : white
Silk screen: black

Company Review

Andwin Circuits as a industry leading of  PCB manufacturer with in 12 Years.

Focus on special circuit board manufacturing,
such as
metal core PCB, aluminum core pcb
Multilayer pcb
Rigid flex pcb, HDI PCB
Controlled impedance PCB
Radio Frequency PCB,
From quick turn prototype to mass products.

Also,we provide one-stop PCB assembly solution from Components source to PCB assembly.
This allows our customers to get-to-market faster, affordably,and more efficiently.

Partner with us today and accelerate your innovative development projects.

 Aluminum based pcb  sample

Aluminum based pcb
Aluminum based pcb


Andwin MCPCB TechnicalCapability
Board thicknessMaximum (mm)3.07.0
Panel sizeMaximum (mm)600×2000/
Layer countAluminum PCB1-48
Copper PCB1-2/
Thermal ConductivityAluminum PCB(w/m.k)0.8 to 12.0
Copper PCB(w/m.k)2.0-385/
DrillingMinimum drill diameter (mm)1.00.8
2 Layer ALPCB Via0.3/
MaterialChao Shun(CCAF)(China)Yes/
Hua Dian(China)Yes/
Chin Shi(TaiWan)Yes/
ITEQ(Tai Wan)Yes/
Other brand per customerYes/
Final finishingHASL Lead FreeYes/
Immersion SilverYes/
Immersion Tin/YES

PCB Equipment

pcb equipment

pcb equipment

Quality Guarantee

Andwin used the test machine to check all the pcb circuit boards to ensure the quality.

pcb quality guarantee

Use the well know brand pcb raw material,All are pass UL,comply RoHS

pcb material

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