Bergquist MP-06503 metal core pcb(MCPCB)

Bergquist thermal clad mp-06503

As a leading of thermal maetrial suppler in the world,
Bergquist provide reliable and stable raw material for customer.

As a suppiler, Bergquist have established a good working
relationship with Andwin,provide perfect service and technology
Support for us.

Andwin remain ready Raw material in stock.

Bergquist MP-06503 metal core pcb.

. Thermal resistance 0.09°Cin2/W (0.58°Ccm2/W)
.Thermal conductivity of 2.4 W/m-K
. Multi-Purpose applications
. Lead-free solder compatible
. Eutectic AuSn compatible
. RoHS compliant and environmentally green
. Available on all aluminum and copper metal substrates


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