What is ceramic PCB?

Ceramic PCB is a kind of heat conducting ceramic powder and organic binder,
and the heat conduction organic ceramic PCB is prepared at a thermal conductivity of 9-175W/m.

ceramic pcb board

In other words, ceramic PCB is a printed circuit board with ceramic base material,
which is highly thermally conductive materials such as alumina, aluminum nitride,as well as beryllium oxide,
which can make a quick effect on transferring heat away from hot spots and dissipating it over the whole surface.
What’s more, ceramic PCB is fabricated with LAM technology,
which is a laser rapid activation metallization technology.

ceramic pcb board

So ceramic PCB is highly versatile that can take place of the entire traditional printed circuit board
with a less complicated construction with enhanced performance.

ceramic pcb board

Ceramic PCB application

Industries that require higher frequency connections and good heat resistance can benefit from ceramic PCBs.
The main industries that ceramic PCBs can serve include:

  • high-power circuits
  • chip-on-board modules
  • aerospace and heavy-duty equipment,
  • automotive
  • medical equipment
  • heavy machinery
  • high-power transistors
  • transistor arrays
  • solar cell substrates

other power applications such as DC conversion.

ceramic pcb board application

Benefits of Ceramic PCB Board

Besides its enviable thermal properties and expansion coefficient ceramic PCB benefits include:

operating temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius

create a smaller package size,

offer better high-frequency performance

can come in hermetic packages for no water absorption.

ceramic pcb board

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