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The demand for portable electronic products such as hard disk drives,

floppy disk drives, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, camcorders, PDAs and other consumer electronics such as electronics, industrial, medical equipment, 3G mobile phones, LCD TVs and other consumer electronics are constantly expanding.

Equipment is becoming more and more light, thin, short, small and multi-functional direction. Especially the application of flexible board for high density interconnect PCB (HDI),

will greatly promote the rapid development of flexible printed circuit technology,

along with the development and improvement of printed circuit technology,

Rigid-Flex PCB research and development of a large number of applications, is expected to the future global supply of rigid flexible board will be a substantial increase.


At the same time, the combination of rigid flex boards durability and flexibility,
but also make it more suitable for medical and military applications,
And gradually eroded the rigid PCB market share.

As South Korea, Taiwan, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers,
these companies lead the rigid flex board market.

According to the Taiwan Board Association (TPCA) data, there are about 200 PCB manufacturers in the region.

There are a handful of enterprises in Hong Kong in the production of hard and soft bonding plate, but about less than 5 companies have good production technology.

In mainland China, such products in the overall PCB market share is small, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (IEK) estimated that only about 2%.

But the mainland’s production share is growing, manufacturers are aware of the soft and hard combination board is light and thin, and compact, especially for the latest portable electronics and high-end medical and military equipment – these end products are currently pushing up Production of mainland soft and hard bonded plates.

rigid flex board

Therefore, the industry expects the combination of rigid flex PCB will over the next few years, other types of PCB.

Products are good, the threshold of some high manufacturing, in all types of PCB, the combination of RIGID FLEX board for the harsh environment of the strongest resistance,and therefore by medical and military equipment manufacturers of all ages. Soft and hard combination of both rigid PCB PCB durability and flexibility of the adaptability.

Companies in mainland China are increasing the share of such PCBs in total production to take advantage of the growing demand. It is an inevitable requirement for the development of electronic products to reduce the assembly size and weight of electronic products, to avoid connection errors, to increase assembly flexibility, to improve reliability and to realize three-dimensional assembly under different assembly conditions. As a flexible circuit, flexible circuits , Light, can be flexed to meet the needs of three-dimensional assembly of the characteristics of the interconnection technology in the electronics and communications industry has become increasingly widespread application and attention.

With the continuous expansion of its applications, flexible circuit board itself is also evolving, such as from single-sided flexible board to double-sided, multi-layer and even just – flexible board, thin line width / pitch, surface mount The application of the technology and the material properties of the flexible substrate itself, etc.,

more stringent requirements for the production of flexible boards, such as substrate processing, interlayer alignment, size stability control, to stain, small Hole metalLization and electroplating reliability and surface protective coating and so should be a high degree of attention, this article only in the research and production process of the selected part of the key processes and should be noted that the issues are summarized and elaborated.

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