Double sided metal core pcb

It also has same two layers of copper conductor like Double layers MCPCB, but the metal core is in the middle of two conductor, so there’re conductors (trace) on both sides of metal core, and were connected to each other by Vias. So we named it “Double sided MCPCB”, and you can populated SMD on both top and bottom.

Different with Single layer MCPCB, double sided MCPCB also requires an additional pressing step to laminate the imaged thermal conductive laminate and metal core (also known as metal base) together. But sometimes, some raw Metal Clad material vendor will supply board material which already laminated.

Compared with normal FR4, this sturcture need more technology and experience on laminating of two layers together with metal core.

Double sided metal core pcb sample

Double sided metal core pcb

Double sided metal Core PCB advantage

The following advantages of Double sided metal Core PCB
make them popular in the industry.

Component Density:
The PCBs feature an extra layer of conductor, where more tracks can be added.
These tracks will help connect components on both sides.
With freed up space, designers can do lot of experimentations.
This design flexibility allows our designers to meet rigorous requirements of customized PCBs.

Heat Dissipation:
These circuit boards serve longer than single sided ones
Because an extra metal core helps dissipate heat faster.

Compact Sized Circuit:
Increased component density aids in reducing the PCB size.
Hence, we are able to provide compact sized circuit boards at cost-effective prices.

Applications of Double sided metal Core PCB

There are limitless applications of compact sized double sided metal core PCB

Some major applications include the following:

-Line Reactors
-Industrial Controls
-Power Supplies
-HVAC Systems
-Hard Drives
-Automotive Dashboards
-Traffic Systems
-UPS Systems

Applications of Double sided metal Core PCB

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