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   PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly 

                                                     -One stop PCB-components-assembly    

                                                -BGA assembly 0.18mm

                                                -Professional one-to-one service

                                                -From low volume to mass production



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Compliant with a wide range of standards including IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.

How to get Print Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)?

In Full Turn-Key PCB, we handle everything including making circuit boards, ordering components, online order tracking, quality inspection and final assembly.  In partial Turn-Key, you can order the PCBs and partial components, we will fix the remaining parts for you.

1.Customer only needs to provide Gerber file, Bom (Bill of Materials ) list and Pick and Place file.

When you have finished your design, you can send us this information, preferably including assembly drawings and 3D view files!  Of course, if it is still in the design process, welcome to discuss any problems with us.  

2.Start PCB manufacturing & components purchasing, assembly process

Once receive customer’s order, our team will arrange PCB production, solve PCB questions (if any).

Components procurement is also underway, when they are arrive, our SMT department starts assembling and shows to customer images of the first assembled board, customer confirms correct assembly, then proceed  assembly process.

3.Testing: 5 steps to making sure your product is 100% working

1). First Article Inspection (FAI)

2). Automatic Optic Inspection 

3). X-Ray inspection

4). Final Quality Assureance (FQA)

5). Functional Test

4.Final assembly

General assembly or  Ultrasonic assembly

Customize according to customer requirements

5.Package & Shipment

Omni-directional sealed packaging, avoid board transport process damage.

Shipping methods:

1.By express

2.By ocean/air freight

3.Delivery in Chinese warehouse

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Why Andwin Circuits?

Andwin has been offering professional PCB Assembly services since 2003, and we have refined our process over the years to ensure that our clients get the best possible value on every project. Our meticulous process meets the industry’s most stringent standards, including ISO-9001:2008, IPC Class 3, and RoHS. A partnership with Andwin offers full confidence that your PCB Assembly project will be carried out with the very best in quality control, efficiency, flexibility, and customer service.