Simple Meaning of Nouns

The via cover oil, ie the solder ring of the via, is covered with ink.

Through-hole windowing: The through-hole (via) solder ring exposed (as exposed as a component pad) on the tin, generally can be used to debug the measurement signal, the disadvantage is likely to cause a short circuit.

Via treatment

The first type, windowing, is the same as the pad can be easily on the tin inspection standard: on the tin

Second, cover oil, inspection standards: it is not easy to apply in on the surface of the patch.
This is a process-determining process. The reason why the via hole does not cover the oil is as
follows: because the solder resists oil is liquid, the middle of the via hole. It is also empty.
During the process of baking, the solder resists oil on the solder mask ring can easily enter the via hole,
resulting in yellowing of the via hole. In this case,
the concentration of the solder resisted, the oven and the strength Relevant,
so there will be some of the root causes that can appear green and some cannot appear,

The third, plug oil, inspection standards, opaque above the oil must have the second process of this kind of problem, and for bag like vias, the requirements are more demanding, so with the process of plug oil, It is an important supplement to the second kind. The process of plugging oil is to plug the entire hole of the via hole and plug it into the via hole so that the oil on the solder ring will not flow into the via hole. No yellowing of via holes occurs.

Alice Lu