Which factor that affect pcb price much?

In pcb manufacturing factory,

There are many factor which affect pcb price much.

Such as

1. PCB Size

2. Trace Min. wdith / Space3. Min. Holes Size 4. Board thickness

5. copper thickness
6.Surface treatment

7.Layers count
8. Material
Other special
9.Blined/burried Via Yes or not
10. Laser Drill Via or CNC Drill
11. Impedance control or not
Those factor are visible, but some are not manifested,
For example,

1.Engineering Capablity (Design Rule Check),

A few of factory who in order to down the PCB cost for getting more order with a low much

price,they cancel this process.

As my experience,if only follow customer’s Gerber file to maufacturing PCB,
There will 60% PCB could not be useful.

2.Quality control capablity.
Quality control is very important too.
It is avoid the fault PCB go to customer hand.
If a factory QC capablity is not strongly,
The bad PCB will waste the time and damage compoents.

So, choose a suitable supplier of PCB according your production.
which factor affect the pcb price much

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