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Full turnkey assembly refers to a service provided by a manufacturer or supplier where they take full responsibility for the entire production process, from sourcing components and materials to final assembly and testing of the finished product.

This type of service is commonly used in industries such as electronics, automotive, and aerospace, where complex products require a high level of expertise and precision.

Full turnkey assembly can save time and resources for companies by outsourcing the entire production process to a single supplier, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Full turnkey assembly is a process of manufacturing where a single company takes responsibility for the entire manufacturing process, from design to delivery of the finished product. The process involves the following steps:

1. Design: The first step in the full turnkey assembly process is designing the product. The company works with the client to understand their requirements and create a design that meets their needs.

2. Procurement: Once the design is finalized, the company procures all the necessary components and materials needed for the product. This includes sourcing raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies from various suppliers.

3. Assembly: The next step is assembling the product. The company uses specialized equipment and skilled labor to assemble the product according to the design specifications. This includes testing and quality control to ensure that the product meets the required standards.


4. Testing: After the product is assembled, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the required specifications. This includes functional testing, performance testing, and reliability testing.

5. Packaging: Once the product has been tested and approved, it is packaged and prepared for shipment. The company ensures that the product is packaged securely to prevent damage during transportation.

6. Delivery: The final step in the full turnkey assembly process is delivering the finished product to the customer. The company works with the customer to ensure that the product is delivered on time and in good condition.


Overall, full turnkey assembly is a complex process that requires expertise in design, procurement, assembly, testing, and delivery.

The company must have the necessary resources and capabilities to manage the entire process and deliver a high-quality product that meets the customer’s requirements.


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