Heavy Copper PCB

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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCBs are printed circuit boards with 3

or more ounces of finished copper in the inner or outer layers

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The additional copper PCB thickness enables the board to conduct a higher current, achieve good thermal distribution and implement complex switches in a limited space.

Other advantages include increased mechanical strength at connector sites, the ability to create a smaller product size by incorporating multiple weights on the same layer of circuitry and the ability to use exotic materials to their maximum capacity with minimal risk of circuit failure.

Heavy Copper PCB Stack Up

Heavy copper usually means the copper foil thickness of PCB higher than 3 ounce (4 mil or 100 micron). It can be design in inner layer or outer layer.

In PCB production, it is more difficult than traditional circuits with copper foil less than 2 ounce.

Heavy copper PCB section

How Are Heavy Copper PCBs Made?

Andwin utilizes a unique process referred to as “Laminated Deposition”.

This combination of processes allows extreme copper thickness requirements to become very practical and cost effective.

The process utilizes heavy base copper that delivers consistent and reliable high power circuits when placed in our plating and etching systems, allowing us to produce well-defined track edges, finer lines, and finer spaces.

Heavy Copper PCB’s Capabilities

Based on the requirement, heavy copper PCBs can be expensive to produce.
Thus, it is more complex in design but more effective in producing heavy copper PCB.

It should have the following capabilities:

  • The copper thickness up to 40 OZ ( 1400um )

  • The base material consists of  FR4 / Aluminum / Copper / Ceramic

  • The outline should be made of routing, punching, and V-Cut

  • The solder mask comes in white, black, blue, green, or red in oil

  • The surface finishing Immersion Gold, HASL and OSP

  • Maximum panel size can be 580*480mm

Heavy Copper PCB’s Benefits

  • High thermal tolerance capacity

  • Outstanding current carrying capacity

  • Eliminates the complex wired bus configuration

  • Condensed circuit size in order to combine several copper weights at the same PCB

  • Usage can be optimized due to high-temperature materials for a lower probability of circuit failure

  • Due to the improvement of mechanical characteristics, tropical materials are used in PCB

  • Heavy copper deposition in some specific areas can be linked to the cold plate interfaces to serve heat sinks

  • Product size remains compact for several copper weights for the same circuit layers

  • Incorporated multiple copper weights have the same layer of circuitry

  • Transforms onboard high-power-density

  • Heavy copper-plated vias pass through the elevated current for the PCB

  • Assists heat transfer for the outer sink

  • Integrates high-current circuits to control circuits on a single PCB

  • Selective areas are plated with heavy copper functioning the built-in heat sinks or cold sinks

part area heavy copper pcb at same layer
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Heavy Copper PCB Are Useful For Multiple Purposes :

  • High power rectifiers

  • Planar Transformers

  • Power line monitors

  • Heat Dissipation

  • Power Converters

  • Position control systems

  • Solar Panel Manufactures

  • Solar Panel Manufactures

  • Welding Equipment

heavy copper pcb application

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