led on pcb

LED PCB assembly

led on pcb

led on pcb

The world is changing with new technology, especially PCB technology that plays an essential role in the application of LED circuits.

Surface Finished: HASL/HASL Lead Free/Immersion Gold/Immersion Silver

Solder Color: Green/ Blue/ Red/Yellow/Black/White

Silkscreen Color: Black/White

Service: PCB/ PCB Assembly/ PCB Clone



What is led on pcb?

The main element that is used to manufacture the LED circuit is aluminum.

Aluminum has the ability to conduct heat and efficiently dissolve the heat that other elements can’t do.

The LED circuit has a thin layer of aluminum that keeps working just the other PCBs does.

It has a thin layer of non-electric material that can help to reduce the heat pressure and work as a thermal conductor.

Aluminum PCB is Environmentally Friendly:

One of the main advantages of aluminum LED PCB is it’s eco-friendly.

Its use as the best energy conductor, and it’s also easy to assemble it in any form.

This metal is non-toxic and can be transformed into any other shape after usage.In short, it’s recyclable.It has the best use in the circuit board and never harms humans.

Aluminum PCB and Its Heat Indulgence:

All the light devices are become hot and release excessive heat, but if they assemble not properly, there is a risk of damage or blast.

This is the reason LED PCB prefers aluminum in the LED circuit

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