LED PCB Boards

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LED PCB Boards

LED PCB Boards

Surface Finished: HASL/HASL Lead Free/Immersion Gold/Immersion Silver

Solder Color: Green/ Blue/ Red/Yellow/Black/White

Silkscreen Color: Black/White

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What is LED PCB Boards?

The main element that is used to manufacture the LED circuit is aluminum.

Aluminum has the ability to conduct heat and efficiently dissolve the heat that other elements can’t do. The LED circuit has a thin layer of aluminum that keeps working just the other PCBs does.

It has a thin layer of non-electric material that can help to reduce the heat pressure and work as a thermal conductor.

Aluminum PCB is Environmentally Friendly:

One of the main advantages of aluminum LED PCB is it’s eco-friendly.

Its use as the best energy conductor, and it’s also easy to assemble it in any form.

This metal is non-toxic and can be transformed into any other shape after usage. In short, it’s recyclable. It has the best use in the circuit board and never harms humans.

Aluminum PCB and Its Heat Indulgence:

All the light devices are become hot and release excessive heat, but if they assemble not properly,

there is a risk of damage or blast. This is the reason LED PCB prefers aluminum in the LED circuit because aluminum is a great heat conductor and can reduce the risk of any danger.

You can also see the life of aluminum made LED circuit will be more as compared to other types.

    Aluminum PCB is Best in Durability:

    Aluminum is one of the elements that have durability. The aluminum LED PCB can be used for a long time.

    • Aluminum PCB is Lightweight

    • Aluminum PCB is Low in Cost

    The application of LED PCB

    PCB LED lights have excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, so it can incorporated into numerous lighting applications.

    • Telecommunications:

      LED indicators and displays are always used in telecommunications equipment due to the surrounding machinery,

      and they have a great heat transfer ability. Therefore, aluminum-based LED PCBs makes a useful effect on their application.

    • Automotive:

      aluminum PCB LEDs also are used for cars on indicators, brake lights and in headlights, as well as other applications.

      There are some factors making the aluminum PCBs be ideal within the automotive industry, such as the durability and competitive prices.

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    Computer OF LED PCB Board

    LED displays and indicators are more and more popular in the computer applications.

    And aluminum PCB LEDs are an ideal solution because of the heat sensitivity of computer machinery.

    Expect for LED applications, aluminum PCBs are also used for the computer parts like power devices and CPU boards due to their ability to dissipate and transfer heat.

    Applications of LED  PCB

    LED PCBs are highly effective to use in:

    • LED Lights

    • Automobile lights

    • Emergency lights

    • Solar-powered street LED lights

    • Flashlights

    rigid flex pcb application

    There are also some more examples of other applications to use PCBs manufactured from  Aluminum PCB materials:

    • Medical:

      Lighting tools used in surgeries and medical examinations commonly use high-powered LED lights,

      and these LED lights often use aluminum PCBs, which is primarily because of the durability and heat transfer capabilities of aluminum PCB LEDs — this makes sure medical equipment is functioning properly regardless of the number of patients cycling through a medical office.

      Expect for lighting tools, medical scanning technology often uses aluminum PCBs as well.

    Applications of Double sided metal Core PCB

    Aluminum PCB is Lightweight

    Aluminum is not as heavy as compared to other material or material that is used in other LEDs.

    It does not only provide durable performance but also light-weighted.

    Aluminum PCB is Low in Cost:

    As compared to other components, aluminum is low in price.

    Most of the leading LED manufacturer companies are using it for cost-effective production.

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