PCB laser marking machine helps the PCB industry to develop at a high speed

As an important electronic connector, PCB is used in almost all electronic products and is considered to be the “mother of electronic system products”. Its technological changes and market trends have become the focus of many industry players.

At present, the marking processing of PCB mainly has two kinds of silk screen printing and laser marking.

The traditional silk screen processing is rough, and the logo is easy to fall off and is inconvenient for the user to use. In addition, the silk screen printing process is cumbersome and requires timely replacement by the operator to ensure production efficiency and increase labor costs.

With its precision and flexibility, the laser marking machine can make up for the shortcomings of silk screen printing, and gradually become the best processing tool for PCB marking, which will play a decisive role in the circuit board industry!

The PCB laser marking machine is a special model for marking barcodes, QR codes, characters, graphics and other information on printed circuit boards. Using PCB laser marking machine to mark information on the circuit board, it can record the relevant production information of the circuit board, realize the control of product information in the production process, and achieve traceability of the entire life cycle of electronic products.

What is the “flash point” of the PCB-specific laser marking machine?

High precision: The laser marking is fine and precise, and it is non-contact processing. It can print thin lines of 0.1mm or less and characters and numbers within 0.5mm on the surface of the material. It is especially suitable for the extremely small graphics and characters of the circuit board.

Safe and environmentally friendly: only a small amount of gas is generated and discharged through the exhaust, no chemical assistance is required, and the safety and working environment of the operator are protected as much as possible.

High quality: The electronic chip has high requirements for marking quality, clarity, and permanents. The laser marking machine can realize permanent and clear marking of the chip, and does not disappear due to external factors such as high and low temperature, acid and alkali, friction and so on.

In order to match the company’s requirements for efficient production, PCB-specific laser marking machine can help the circuit board industry to complete the perfect quality traceability control, and provide a complete set of laser equipment processing solutions for circuit board manufacturers.

The use of PCB-specific laser marking machine can significantly improve production processing efficiency and product yield. Using advanced laser marking technology, it can improve productivity, reduce cost and reduce pollution. It is an ideal choice for PCB marking.

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