What is Radio interference?

What is Radio interference?

Radio interference According to the interference of the object,
mainly divided into communication interference,
radar jamming, navigation interference, guidance interference, fuze interference and enemy
identification interference.

radio interference

Communication interference refers to the introduction of radio frequency interference
during the transmission of radio communication signals to disrupt or destroy enemy radio

Radar interference is the use of active and passive interference, destruction of the radar
target detection and tracking the real.
Navigational interference refers to interference to a radio navigation system.

navigation pcb
Guidance interference refers to interfering radio command remote guidance and radar
guidance systems.
Fuze interference refers to the interference of enemy weapon radio proximity fuze.
IFF refers to the use of simulation of the enemy’s response signal to the deceptive

The basic way of radio frequency interference can be divided into active interference and
passive interference according to its generating method.

Active interference, also known as active interference or active interference, that is,
active emission or forwarding of electromagnetic energy, to disrupt or deceive the enemy
electronic equipment, so that it can not work or be delusional illusion.

Passive interference is also called negative interference, interference device itself does
not emit radio waves, but by the reflection and absorption of enemy electronic equipment to
interfere with electromagnetic waves emitted to interfere with its work.
Passive interference is mainly used in radar, radar guidance,

laser ranging devices to receive reflected waves to work all kinds of electronic equipment.

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