What is Rigid flex PCB?

During the birth of PCB and FPC,
Gave birth to a combination of rigid flex PCB as new product.
Therefore, the Rigid flexible PCB,
Is a composite of flexible circuit board and rigid circuit board, through the Lamination process and
other processes,
According to the relevant process requirements together to have a FPC characteristics and PCB
characteristics of the circuit board.

rigid flex pcb

Rigid flex PCB process

Because the Rigid flexible board is the combination of FPC and PCB,
The production of Rigid flexible PCB need to use both FPC production equipment and PCB production

First,the electronic engineer layout according to the demand,
And then sends the paper to the factory which can produce Rigid flex PCB.
After the CAM engineer processes and plans the relevant documents,
Arranges it to FPC production line to make FPC.
PCB production line to produce PCB, Then,Rigid and Flexible PCB came out,
In accordance with the planning requirements of electronic engineers,
The FPC and PCB after a seamless pressure laminating press.

And then after a series of details of the link, the final process A combination of Rigid flex board.
A very important part of the Rigid flexible PCB should be combined board is difficult,
The details of the problem,

Before shipment,the general should be the whole E-TEST, because its value is relatively high,
so as to avoid the loss caused from both the supplier and customer benefits.