Rogers PCB Laminates

What is Rogers PCB?

Rogers is a type of high-frequency board produced by Rogers. It is different from the conventional PCB board—epoxy resin (FR4). It has no glass fiber in the middle and uses a ceramic base as the high-frequency material. Rogers has superior dielectric constant and temperature stability. Its dielectric constant thermal expansion coefficient is very consistent with copper foil, which can be used to improve the deficiencies of PTFE substrates. It is very suitable for high-speed electronic design, commercial microwave, and radio frequency applications. Its low water absorption is ideal for high-humidity applications, providing customers in the high-frequency board industry with the highest quality materials and related resources, which fundamentally enhance product quality.


Rogers PCB Laminates

  • Woven Glass Reinforced Modified Epoxy Laminates
  • Woven Glass Reinforced PTFE Antenna Grade Laminates
  • Cross-Plied Woven Glass Reinforced PTFE
  • Woven Glass Reinforced Modified Epoxy IMS
  • Hydrocarbon / Ceramic / Woven Glass UL 94 V-0 Laminates
  • PTFE Ceramic
  • Hydrocarbon / Ceramic / Woven Glass
  • Filled PTFE Composite
  • PTFE Random Glass Fiber

Benefits of Rogers PCB material

FR-4 material provides the fundamental standard for PCB substrates, keeping a widely effective balance between cost, durability, performance, manufacturability, as well as electrical properties.

However, as performance and electrical properties plays an important role in your designs, Rogers materials have the advantages as follows:

  • Low electrical signal loss
  • Effective-cost PCB fabrication
  • Lower dielectric loss
  • Better thermal management
  • Wide range of Dk (dielectric constant) values (2.55-10.2)
  • Low outgassing for space applications
  • Improve impedance control
rogers 4350b pcb

Applications Of Rogers PCB

  • 5G Station
  • Cellular Base Station Antennas and Power Amplifiers
  • Automotive Radar and Sensors
  • Microwave point to point (P2P) links
  • LNB’s for Direct Broadcast Satellites
  • Microwave equipment of all kinds.
  • RF Identification (RFID) Tags


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