Strengthening of FPC Reinforcement Plates

Strengthening of FPC Reinforcement Plates

  1. Special handling of FPC soft board reinforcement

The special design can make the reinforcement not only play the function of the component support, but also can be designed as an auxiliary component device so that the FPC soft board can be assembled into a substantial hard board.

  1. FPC soft board reinforcement machining

The return of the stiffening plate back to the mesh requires a special punching tool. After the hard material on the piece is stamped out, the material can be pushed back to its original position.

  1. Adhesive for reinforcing connection

Bonding adhesives for FPC soft board substrates can be used to attach reinforcing materials. To choose which adhesive to use, the majority will be based on their performance requirements.

  1. Reinforcing material hole

The purpose of the holes for the open parts or the holes used for the final assembly is not the same, and sometimes it has the opposite effect.

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