Rigid Flex PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)

Rigid Flex PCB  circuit boards are composed of a combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards that are permanently connected to one another.

Rigid flex PCB designs are more challenging than the design of a typical rigid board environment,as these boards are designed in a 3D space,

which also offers greater spatial efficiency.

By being able to design in three dimensions rigid flex designers can twist,

fold and roll the flexible board substrates to achieve their desired

shape for the final application’s package.

rigid flex pcb

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rigid flex pcb

The proper application of Rigid-Flex circuit boards offers optimum solutions for difficult, limited space conditions.

This technology offers the possibility of a secure connection of device components with the assurance of polarity and contact stability,

as well as a reduction in plug and connector components.

There are a variety of terminations for rigid flex circuits,  and we can provide all of these as standard manufacturing process.

Adding connectors and other minor component assembly is a common practice when producing rigid flex circuits.

Use of Rigid-Flex circuit boards can reduce the total cost of the final product.


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