You’ve never heard of 3D microwave technology
When the 3D movie has become the preferred cinema viewing,
when the 3D print has spread to the binaural wireless Bluetooth headset,
a called “3D microwave” technology also quietly. First heard “3D microwave”,
you may be at a loss, this 3D microwave is applied to the scene in which?
Is not the microwave oven with this technology will be able to cook rice for 1 second?


O M G!

Let us talk about its use of the scene:

A survey found that people would rather forget to bring their wallet, can not fall cell phone.
Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives, but this necessities are often a headache for us
the situation, that is: no signal!

For example, when you are lost in the mountains and forests, and want to use the phone to help
but found no signal phone, the kind of helplessness only you know;

More serious is that when we encounter the earthquake disaster, the existing optical fiber
communication system has been paralyzed, the affected areas can not contact with the outside world,
if you want to successfully rescue the affected people, rescue command team can only another way;

As we all know, “optical fiber communication” is to maintain mobile phones, computers and other
mobile terminals to pass the key information. That in the optical fiber can not cover the air, sea,
sparsely populated barren areas, we need to use “satellite communications” to carry out the
transmission of information.
Satellite communication is simply to send our mobile terminal signals to the satellite,
and then passed to the receiver through the satellite.

Satellite is in the distance from the earth 36,000 kilometers of high altitude,
if want to move the terminal on the weak signal to launch to the satellite, must use the power amplifier to enlarge it.

And here referred to the “3D microwave technology” is the power amplifier performance can greatly enhance the new technology.

3D microwave technology is the use of a new three-dimensional design concept to replace the traditional graphic design technology, through the in-depth understanding of the theory of electromagnetic fields to three-dimensional design approach to solve the plane circuit can not achieve high-efficiency power synthesis problems.


It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional planar synthesis, such as high loss and large volume. First, the input microwave signal is converted into the spatial structure of the field distribution, then the energy is transmitted to the 3D array through the three dimensional antenna array. , And then through a symmetrical antenna array will amplify the signal synthesis to the output, thus ensuring a high synthesis efficiency, can be as high as 90% or more.

The technology can be applied not only to the satellite communications market, but also can be applied to defense electronic communications, radar and electronic countermeasures.

After listening to the above explanation, we should be the concept of 3D microwave technology with a preliminary understanding. But the technical characteristics of 3D microwave technology is what? In general there are 3 points:

1, phased array technology in the field of extension of the transmitter

Phased array technology derived from military radar equipment, it is to solve the traditional microwave devices transmit power is low, the transmission distance of the problem of the birth of the problem. Through large-scale antenna array, the energy of many low-power devices to effectively together to achieve the total power of the efficient superposition, to a high power level.

3D microwave technology is the phased array technology clever application in the transmitter field, the array antenna technology into the waveguide cavity, making a centralized output port. As a transmitter, can be applied to any location of the system, with great flexibility.

2, low loss of synthetic media instead of high-loss synthetic media

The traditional planar synthesis using microstrip line synthesis, microstrip line has the advantage of planarization, easy to produce, but the shortcomings of microstrip line is also obvious: loss. Therefore, the use of microstrip line synthesis is equivalent to a high loss environment for synthesis.

The 3D microwave technology is through the antenna array makes the signal in the waveguide cavity in the air synthesis, because the air itself is not loss, so the synthetic medium is low loss, so the synthesis efficiency can be greatly improved.

3, three-dimensional structure, improve efficiency

It is as if the traditional road is flat, and the efficiency will be low in many vehicles. Through the construction of three-dimensional overpass, you can greatly improve the overall efficiency. 3D microwave technology is also true, through the distribution of three-dimensional antenna array, so that the efficiency of signal transmission and synthesis greatly improved. And three-dimensional three-dimensional structure, the full use of the full space, you can make the transmitter module overall size and size greatly reduced to meet the strong mobility of equipment for space requirements.

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