Arlon Materials for Electronics has a long history, both in its
Microwave Products Group(Dating to the mid-1890’s) and its Electronic
Substrates Group (Dating to The early 1970’s).
Rogers acquired Arlon High frequency material department

ARLON DICLAD 527 and 522, laminates are woven fiberglass/PTFE
composite materials for use as printed circuit
board substrates. Excelent PCB material with Low loss Products.

Dielectric Constant @ 10 GHz : 2.4 to 2.65
Dissipation Factor @ 10 GHz : 0.0018
Tensile Modulus (kpsi) : 706

Typical Applications:

• Military Radar Feed Networks
• Commercial Phased Array Networks
• Low Loss Base Station Antennas
• Missile Guidance Systems
• Digital Radio Antennas
• Filters, Couplers, LNAs

Benefits of ARLON DICLAD 527:

• Electrical Properties Are Highly
• Uniform Across Frequency
• Consistent Mechanical Performance
• Excellent Chemical Resistance

ARLON DICLAD 527 PCB prototype sample picture.


Material: ARLON DICLAD 527
Layer: 4 Layer
Thickness: 1.0mm
Blind via Layer 1 to 2
Impedance controlled: Yes
Lead time: 8 days
Meterial in stock: Yes

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