Aluminium nitride ceramic PCB

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB substrate ( AlN ) is brown,
Thermal conductivity Min.275 W/m.k up to 320 W/m.k

Aluminum Nitride ceramic PCB substrate have better thermal conductivity,
Also,higher cost, choose a suitable material according your products.

It is important to choose the highly appropriate substrates for your electronic circuits.
There are different kinds of boards available,
but ceramic pcb get more fame among circuit board users because of its versatility.

If you want to get the best kinds of boards, you can contact us.
We offer the most reliable solutions based on the printed circuit boards requirements of
our customers.

The main reason to use these solutions is that they are ideal for all kinds of electronic
circuits which have minimal expansion coefficient and increased thermal conductivity.

With better versatility,
It appears as a perfect alternative to existing printed circuit board boasting of increased
performance and minimal complex design.

It ensures that ceramic pcb work effectively on chip-on-board modules, high-power circuits,
and proximity sensors.

Aluminum Nitride ceramic pcb

Aluminium nitride ceramic PCB

  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramic ( AlN )

  • Conductor Silver ( Ag ) or Glod ( Au )

  • Ceramic thickness: 0.25 | 0.38 | 0.50 | 0.635 | 0.76 | 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm

  • Conductor thickness: 10um – 13um, Max 20um

  • Min. Trace Space/width: 0.1  /0.1mm ( 4/4 mil )

Aluminium nitride ceramic PCB application

  • High power electronic semi-conductor module

  • Injection System

  • Anti-block Braking system

  • High-power LED Chip

  • Wafter Street light 

  • Fuel Sendor Resistor Card

  • Electric power transmitter modules

  • Solar cell

  • Sensor

  • Telecome device

Aluminium nitride ceramic PCB application

Only board with Rectrangle shape can be shipped via single piece, or via panel
Soldermask is also available upon request, working temperature >500 C,
and color is semi-transparent

For same stack up, cost lower than DBC Ceramic PCB, higher than MCPCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

AIN ceramic PCB

The famous brand ceramic PCB customers

Western Digital      Honeywell

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