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Flex PCB from 1 to 8 layers
( samples up to 12 layers )

Also, provide many types Flex PCB with special requirement.

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Flexible PCB products

flex pcb

Flex PCB

Key-press Flex PCB

Flex PCB

Flexible PCB

Key-press Flex PCB

Flex PCB with 3M

Flex PCB

Flex PCB application

Computer electronics tend to be small and thin that may reach high temperatures sometimes. According to the computer specifications, it highly relies upon the flexible PCBs for better operation.

The hard drive components should be flexible enough to sustain the maximum speed for data writing and other tasks that are comparatively small and thin.

Longer operating time makes the hard drives turn to hot which also requires having another board with the ability to withstand high temperatures.

In the hard drives, these are often credited by enabling a long-lasting solution.
Not only in the computer the flexible PCBs are also working great for other consumer electronics like televisions, gaming systems, printers, and microwaves.

The applications where the flex circuit is installed as flex-to-fit.
In these applications, the circuits are designed with minimal flex and used in the inexpensive Electro Deposited (ED) copper. 

Dynamic Application: 

The applications involved in the circuit being flexed multiple times to ensure better performance of the application.

The flexible PCBs are designed with Rolled Annealed (RA) copper for these applications.

Custom Flexible PCB as your design


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