Radio Frequency PCB

Andwin is A leading Radio Frequency PCB(RF)/microwave High frequency PCB manufacturer
for wireless infrastructure field.

One of the most in-demand categories of consumer products on the market are wireless telecommunication products.

While many factors contribute to the success of a great product,
A well designed radio frequency printed circuit board (RF PCB) can provide a significant boost,
As the RF PCB can improve a product’s performance, stability and reliability.
Radio Frequency pcb sample that we made for customer.

Get professional one stop PCB solution from us!

RF Raw Material supplier

High quality products,must require high quality raw materials,

We are committed to establishing long-term partnership with
The brand-name and good quality of raw materials suppliers,
To achieve mutual benefit and common development.


Global leaders in materials technologies that power,
Protect and connect the world.



Arlon Materials for Electronics has a long history, both in its Microwave Products Group
(Dating to the mid-1890’s) and its Electronic Substrates Group (Dating to The early 1970

  • IsoClad 933
  • DiClad 870
  • DiClad 522
  • DiClad 527
  • AD255C
  • AD250C
  • ……


TACONIC is the largest production of PTFE CCL manufacturer in the world, have patent of a uniform coating of PTFE on glass woven, is a leader of the PTFE CCL microwave technology in the industry, the microwave dielectric constant CCL from2.17 to 10.0, occupied
the market share more than 80% inthe global antenna PCB materail.


WangLing is a professional Raw Material manufacturer for
microwave printed circuit boards (PCBs) in China with strong capability of
research, development, manufacturing and sales in the area of
electronic material.
Cost is better.

  • Well know RF circuits boards design
  • Ready raw material in stock ( Lead time short ).
  • Strong Process capability (Track:3/3mil,6mil Via holes)
  • Technology support from strongly team
  • Reasonable cost

Andwin Circuits Co.,Limited
PCB and PCB assembly 

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