Double sided aluminum pcb

Andwin Circuits is a leading of  double sided aluminum pcb manufacturer.

Have capability to Provide double sided aluminum pcb,
2 layers doble face SMT PCB with PHT(Plate through Hole) via holes,
2 layers 1 face SMT PCB with PHT via holes for customers.

Double sided MCPCB Application:

.Power supply
.LED Lighting
And other product which need thermal out.

Follow is Structure of Double Sided MCPCB detail:

1. Stack up of 2 Layers Double sided MCPCB


2. Stack up of 2 Layers 1 SMD Face of MCPCB

How to make a Double sided  Metal (Aluminum) core printed ciruit board?

1. Drill Holes on the bare Aluminum Board
(The holes are larger than your PTH Holes in
Your design)

2. Fill the holes by resin.

3. Laminate dielectric layer
Bettwen Aluminu bare board and two copper foil

4.Drill the holes as your design on the same place
that drilled on first step process

5.Plate through holes

6.Manufacturing trace layer etc….
Then Other process as FR4 PCB boards.

Double sided MCPCB:

double-sided-aluminum-pcb-2 double-sided-aluminum-pcb-3 double-sided-aluminum-pcb-5 double-sided-aluminum-pcb



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