DPC Ceramic PCB

What is DPC ceramic PCB ?

DPC is Direct plate copper, means, the copper is plated to ceramic substrate ( Alumina, AIN or Beryllium Oxide ).

Andwin Could provide DPC Ceramics PCB products
From single sided (1 layer) and 2 Layers doulbe sided with plate via holes.

DPC ceramic pcb stack up

DPC ceramic PCB stack up

  • The application of DPC ceramic PCB

  • Military

  • Optics/Laser

  • Precision instrument

  • Industry Control

  • Advantage of ceramic PCB

1.  High thermal conductivity property and low thermal resistance,
     Could increase the efficiency and operation lifetime of semi- conductor chips.

2.  Excellent thermal cycling performance and fine mechanic strength.

3.  High isolating strength

4. The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of the silicon chip.

5. Strong current conductive ability

6. Fine environment compatiblity,no environment contaminative elements,
    Such as PB,Hg and  Cr,etc. 

    Be able to pass strict environment protection credentials.

Sample of ceramic PCB

DPC ceramic PCB

DPC ceramic PCB

DPC ceramic PCB

DPC ceramic PCB

Aluminium nitride ceramic PCB

DPC ceramic PCB

The famous brand ceramic PCB customers

Western Digital      Honeywell

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