Taconic TLX-9 RF microwave PCB

Taconic TLX-9 high frequency RF PCB

Widely used in

  • LNAs,LNBs,and LNCs

  • PCS/PCN Large Format Antennas

  • High Power Amplifiers

  • Passive Components

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What is Taconic TLX-9 RF microwave PCB? 

Taconic TLX-9 is belong Taconic TLX series,
Taconic TLX-9 DK 2.5+/- 0.04 Dielectric Thickness 0.013mm – 6.35mm ( 0.0025 – 0.250 inch )
It is suitable for low layer count microwave designs

  • Excellent PIM values in PCBs (measured at lower than -160 dBc*)

  • Excellent mechanical & thermal properties

  • Low and stable Dk

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Tightly controlled DK

  • Low DF

  • UL 94 VO rating

  • For low layer count microwave designs

taconic tlx-9 microvave pcb

Taconic TLX-9 datasheet

Taconic TLX-9 datasheet

Taconic TLX offers reliability in a wide range of RF applications.
This material is versatile due toits 2.45 – 2.65 DK range
And, available thicknesses and copper cladding.

It is suitable for low layer count microwave designs.
TLX PTFE fiberglass laminates are ideal for use in radar systems,
Mobile communications, microwave test equipment,
microwave transmission devices and RF components.

TLX is a workhorse in the RF microwave substrate world where
The fiberglass offers mechanical reinforcement,
Wherever a substrate experiences severe environments,
Such as: resistance to creep for PWBs bolted to a housing that encounter high
levels of vibration during space launch.

High temperature exposure in engine modules, radiation resistance in space
(see NASA’s website for low outgassing materials),
Antenna for warships that undergo extreme environments at sea and
A substrate for altimeters that see a wide range of temperatures during flight.

The wide range of dielectric constants available enable the
Manufacture of couplers, splitters, combiners, amplifiers,antenna and other components.

Which type of Taconic TLX series is avaible in Andwin Circuits?

Taconic TLX microwave PCB

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taconic tlx-9

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