Rogers RO4003C PCB

Rogers RO4003C  PCB belong to Rogers RO4000 series, it is hydrocarbon ceramic laminates,
Are designed to offer superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication.

The result is a low loss material which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4)
processes offered at competitive prices.

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RO4003C raw material

Dielectric Constant 3.38 +/-0.05
TG > 280C , TD 425

Standard thickness:
8 mil ( 0.203mm )
12 mil ( 0.305mm )
16 mil ( 0.406mm )
20 mil ( 0.508mm )
32 mil ( 0.813mm )
60 mil ( 1.524mm )

Standard Copper thickness:
0.5 oz ( 17um )
1.0 oz ( 35um )
2.0 oz ( 70um )

rogers ro4003c PCB

Rogers ro4003c PCB

rogers ro4003c PCB

Rogers ro4003c PCB

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