IoT and Wireless application

The evolution of technology has made things easygoing.

All the smart gadgets are the prefiltration that is making a critical mess that requires to have wireless connectivity.

The majority of houses are now accustomed to smart things, starting from light bulbs to speakers.

According to a statistical report, around 79% of people living in the US have at least one thing or device that is connected to the internet directly.

The devices require sensors to respond to the commands within the network.

Therefore, the devices are now widely known as the Internet of  Things ( IoT )  customized with an intelligent mechanism to be used directly.

1. 5G base station / IoT Gateway

5g base station is the core equipment of 5g network,
which provides wireless coverage and realizes wireless signal transmission between wired communication network and wireless terminal.

The architecture and form of base stations directly affect how 5g networks are deployed.

2. IoT application end
– IBeacon / Smart logistics / Intelligent socket & Switch 

Those IoT connections are spanning across the globe and throughout industries,
As well as permeating individual homes, offices and vehicles,
With the most prominent applications of IoT technologies falling into the following categories.

3. IoT modules / Wifi / NB / LoRa / ZigBee Modules

5G Communication Technology Wireless Internet Network for Global Business Growth, Social Media, Digital E-commerce and Entertainment Home Use.

The most critical aspect at the heart of any IoT device modules is its wireless (RF) communication capability.

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