Bergquist Metal Core PCB: The Future of High-Performance Electronics

The world of electronics is constantly evolving, with new technologies being developed and
improved upon every day. One such technology that has been gaining popularity in recent
years is the metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB). These boards offer a number of
advantages over traditional PCBs, including improved thermal management and increased
durability. One of the leading manufacturers of MCPCBs is Bergquist, a company that has
been at the forefront of this technology for many years.

What is a Metal Core PCB?

metal core PCB is a type of printed circuit board that has a metal core layer instead of
the traditional fiberglass or plastic core. The metal core provides several benefits,
including improved heat dissipation, increased mechanical strength, and better electrical
performance. The metal layer is typically made of aluminum, copper, or a combination of the

The metal core layer is sandwiched between two layers of dielectric material, which can be
either traditional FR-4 material or a specialized material designed for high-temperature
applications. The top layer of the board is then covered with a layer of copper that is
etched to create the circuitry.

Why Choose a Bergquist Metal Core PCB?

Bergquist is one of the leading manufacturers of metal core PCBs, and for good reason.
Their boards offer a number of advantages over traditional PCBs, including:

1. Improved Thermal Management

One of the biggest advantages of metal core PCBs is their ability to dissipate heat more
effectively than traditional PCBs. The metal core layer acts as a heat sink, drawing heat
away from the components and distributing it evenly across the board. This helps to prevent
overheating and ensures that the components operate at their optimal temperature.

Bergquist’s metal core PCBs are designed with advanced thermal management techniques,
including thermal vias and thermal pads, to further enhance heat dissipation.


2. Increased Durability

Metal core PCBs are also more durable than traditional PCBs, thanks to the strength and
rigidity of the metal core layer. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments or
applications that require high levels of vibration resistance.

Bergquist’s metal core PCBs are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and
other environmental factors, ensuring that they will perform reliably in even the toughest

3. Better Electrical Performance

Metal core PCBs also offer better electrical performance than traditional PCBs, thanks to
the improved thermal management and reduced signal loss. This makes them ideal for high-
performance applications that require fast signal speeds and low noise levels.

Bergquist’s metal core PCBs are designed with advanced signal integrity techniques,
including controlled impedance and high-frequency design, to ensure optimal electrical

4. Customization Options

Bergquist offers a wide range of customization options for their metal core PCBs, including
different metal core materials, dielectric materials, and copper thicknesses. This allows
customers to tailor their PCBs to their specific application requirements, ensuring optimal
performance and reliability.


Bergquist metal core PCBs offer a number of advantages over traditional PCBs, including
improved thermal management, increased durability, better electrical performance, and
customization options. As the demand for high-performance electronics continues to grow,
metal core PCBs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for designers and
manufacturers. With Bergquist’s expertise in this technology, customers can be confident in
the quality and reliability of their metal core PCBs.


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