Do you know how to quickly troubleshoot circuit board problems?

For circuit boards, it is not perfect once designed, but requires many tests before moving towards mass production. For engineers, troubleshooting circuit board problems is the most troublesome when something goes wrong. This article will share with you how to quickly troubleshoot circuit board problems?

The circuit that used to be running normally suddenly became abnormal today. When the voltage source was connected, the current was a little over A. I guessed that the power supply was short-circuited. I measured it with a voltmeter and found that it was indeed the case. Therefore, it is necessary to determine where the circuit is short-circuited.

After powering on, there was a chip that was very hot. I suspected it was a problem with the chip. After removing it, the circuit was still short-circuited. I blindly checked it for a long time, but it had no effect at all. In fact, you should calm down when encountering such a problem. Now, think carefully about how power and ground are connected, and then figure out how to check. Take what I encountered today as an example. Later I analyzed the circuit and found that +5V is divided into analog +5 and digital +5. They are connected together through a 0 ohm resistor, so you can see which part of the power supply and Short circuit to ground. After removing the 0 ohm resistor, I found that the digital 5v and ground were not short-circuited, but the analog 5v was short-circuited, so the range was much reduced. Next, look at the ground terminal. There are also digital ground and analog ground. I originally wanted to use the same method, but after removing the 0 ohm resistor, I found that the analog ground and digital ground are still connected. This is because my board has been soldered After installing the chip, the analog ground and digital ground in the chip are directly connected.

Therefore, we can only rule out where the problem is one by one. At this time, we should use the method of cutting wires. I found the wire of my analog 5v power supply and cut it from the middle first to determine whether the first half or the second half is short circuited. Then after cutting it twice, I discovered the problem. One of my operational amplifier chips was burned out. It’ll be fine after replacing it with a new op amp. In the future, you must clarify your thinking when judging short circuits! The above is an analytical method to quickly troubleshoot circuit board problems. I hope it can help you.

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