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Flex-rigid PCBs are a type of printed circuit board that combines both flexible and rigid board technologies.
They consist of multiple layers of flexible PCBs that are laminated together with layers of rigid PCBs.

This creates a single board with both flexible and rigid sections, allowing for increased design flexibility and improved reliability.

Flex-rigid PCBs are commonly used in applications that require a combination of flexibility and durability,
such as in medical devices, aerospace and defense systems, and consumer electronics.

They offer several advantages over traditional PCBs, including reduced size and weight,
improved signal integrity, and increased resistance to vibration and shock.

Flex-rigid PCBs are typically more complex to design and manufacture than traditional PCBs,
and require specialized equipment and expertise.

However, they offer significant benefits in terms of performance and reliability,
making them an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of applications.

rigid flex pcb

solidworks pcb rigid flex

SolidWorks PCB is a software tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) that allows for the creation of rigid flex PCBs.
Rigid flex PCBs are a type of PCB that combines both rigid and flexible materials to create a single board.

This type of PCB is ideal for applications where space is limited or where the board needs to bend or flex during use.

With SolidWorks PCB, designers can create rigid flex PCBs by defining the rigid and flexible areas of the board and then designing the circuitry to fit within those areas.

The software includes tools for creating and editing the board outline,
defining the rigid and flexible areas, and placing and routing components and traces.

SolidWorks PCB also includes tools for verifying the design, including electrical rule checking (ERC) and design rule checking (DRC),
which help ensure that the board will function correctly and can be manufactured without errors.

Overall, SolidWorks PCB is a powerful tool for designing rigid flex PCBs,
offering a range of features and tools to help designers create high-quality boards that meet their specific requirements.


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the role of solidworks pcb rigid flex

SolidWorks PCB Rigid-Flex is a tool that enables the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with both rigid and flexible components.
It allows the designer to create a PCB that can bend and flex without breaking,

while also maintaining the necessary rigidity for the components that require it.

The role of SolidWorks PCB Rigid-Flex is to provide a comprehensive solution for designing and manufacturing complex PCBs that require both rigid and flexible components.

This tool enables the designer to create a 3D model of the PCB,
which can be used to simulate and test the design before it is manufactured.

With SolidWorks PCB Rigid-Flex, the designer can easily create complex shapes and designs that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional PCB design tools.
This tool also allows the designer to optimize the layout of the PCB for maximum performance and reliability.

In summary, the role of SolidWorks PCB Rigid-Flex is to provide a powerful and flexible tool for designing and manufacturing complex PCBs that require both rigidity and flexibility. It enables designers to create innovative and reliable designs that can meet the demands of modern electronics applications.

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rigid flex pcb suppliers

1. Jabil Circuit
2. Flextronics International
3. Sanmina Corporation
4. TTM Technologies
5. Multek Corporation
6. Würth Elektronik
7. Eltek Ltd.
8. PCB Solutions
9. Sierra Circuits
10. Advanced Circuits.


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