Market prospects in the field of PCB design

As an important basic carrier in electronic products, PCB is used in almost all electronic products. The quality of PCB not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the integrity of signal transmission between chips. It is considered to be “electronic products”. mother of”. In the new wave of hardware innovation, the growth trend of the PCB design industry has been determined, and the market size is huge. The specific analysis is as follows:

①The prosperity of hardware innovation will drive the continued expansion of PCB R&D demandWith the advent of the 5G era, the fields of network communications and integrated circuits have benefited positively. The high-speed transmission, massive connections, low latency characteristics of 5G and the further development of AI technology have also provided opportunities for Industry 4.0, medical electronics, the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, etc. New momentum has been injected into the broader field of hardware innovation. In the future, smart hardware application scenarios will gradually enrich, the popularization of smart electronic products will be an inevitable trend, and the types and number of devices will maintain rapid growth. As an important part of electronic products, PCB’s own research and development is a basic part of hardware research and development. Therefore, the prosperity of terminal product innovation will promote the continuous expansion of PCB research and development demand.

②The increase in the difficulty of PCB R&D and the increase in PCB usage of single hardware equipment have doubled the demand for PCB R&D.

As the working rate of integrated circuits doubles, PCBs are gradually developing in the direction of high density, high precision, high reliability, multi-layering, and high-speed transmission. Its technical content and complexity continue to increase, and the product structure is towards packaging substrates and rigid-flex boards. , HDI and other varieties with higher technical content are tilted towards development. At the same time, the increase in the electronic penetration rate of smart hardware and the enrichment of functions have also led to a general increase in the PCB usage of single devices. Therefore, on the basis of the increasing demand for equipment-level R&D in hardware innovation, the rising difficulty of PCB single board R&D and the increase in PCB usage in a single device have doubled the demand for PCB R&D. Insufficient PCB R&D capabilities may further become a constraint on corporate R&D innovation capabilities and efficiency. , the demand for PCB commercial R&D services is strong.

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