Quality Control

PCB quality is more important in electronic product!

How to ensure the PCB quality by Andwin?

1. Design Rule Check

DRC is the area of Electronic Design Automation that determines
Whether a particular chip layout satisfies a series of recommended parameters called Design Rules.

DRC is a very important step in Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

Any design from you are always including DRC!

2. A.O.I process

The A.O.I. checks the produced track layout for variances of
The Gerber data, and finds errors the E-Test is not capable to find.

Your multilayers Printed circuit board (PCB) are always including A.O.I.!

3. 100% TEST

Your circuit board (PCB) is checked through a so called
Flying-Probe E-Test Or Fix Tooling  E-Test.
The produced PCB is checked by a netlist for short circuits and breaks.

E-Test is very important step in Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.
All boards are always including E-Test!

4. Final Quality Control

Our professional team maintain constant vigilance over our processes,
we know that our products are created with the best possible processes,
And that everything we do conforms to the ISO bodies to which we subscribe.

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