Turnkey Automation Assembly Solution-Andwin Circuits

What is Turnkey Automation assembly Solution?

Turnkey Automation assembly solution refers to a fully integrated and automated system that is designed to perform a specific manufacturing or assembly process from start to finish.

This solution typically includes all the necessary hardware, software, and programming required to automate the process, as well as any necessary testing and quality control measures.

The turnkey automation solution is designed to be easy to install and operate, and it can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer.

This type of solution is often used in industries such as automotive, electronics, and aerospace, where precision and efficiency are critical to success.

The Automated PCB Assembly Process:

What Are Automated Machines for SMT PCB Assembly?

The automated machines for SMT PCB assembly includes SMT curing oven, reflow soldering machine, and SMT pick and place machine.

There are also solder paste screen printer machines, solvent cleaning equipment, and SMT repair and inspection equipment.

Each machine has its purpose; for example, a reflow soldering machine is used for reflow soldering of SMD. On the other hand, an SMT pick and place machine picks and places SMD electronic components onto the PCB before SMD soldering.

What is the Advantage of the Automated PCB Assembly Process?

PCB assembly, asides from fabrication, is a primary stage in circuit board manufacturing; it also includes component procurement.

The PCBA process is the most important in circuit board manufacturing because this is the last time boards are reviewed, tested, and validated.

Automated PCB Assembly process identifies and overcomes the limitations and constraints of a manual process. Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of human error as it can create boards as stipulated in the data file of the design.


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