What is the best solder for aluminum

Soldering aluminum can be challenging because it has a high thermal conductivity and a thin oxide layer that can prevent good adhesion.

However, there are solders that can be used for aluminum, such as:

rogers 5880 PCB

1. Aluminum solder: This type of solder is specifically designed for aluminum and can provide a strong bond.

It usually contains zinc and is applied with a torch or soldering iron.

2. Zinc-based solder: Zinc-based solders can also be used for aluminum,

but they require a flux to remove the oxide layer and provide good adhesion.

3. Silver solder: Silver solder can also be used for aluminum,

but it requires a higher temperature and a flux to remove the oxide layer.

It is important to note that soldering aluminum requires a lot of skill and experience,

and it is recommended to consult with a professional if you are not familiar with the process.


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