LED PCB Symbol

LED PCB Symbol

LED PCB Symbol

Product Name: Aluminum PCB

Layer: 1-28 layers

Sample Order: Welcome

Surface Finished: HASL/HASL Lead Free/Immersion Gold/Immersion Silver

Solder Color: Green/ Blue/ Red/Yellow/Black/White

Silkscreen Color: Black/White



What is the LED PCB Boards ?

The main element that is used to manufacture the LED circuit is aluminum. Aluminum has the ability to conduct heat and efficiently dissolve the heat that other elements can’t do. The LED circuit has a thin layer of aluminum that keeps working just the other PCBs does. It has a thin layer of non-electric material that can help to reduce the heat pressure and work as a thermal conductor.

The LED PCB Applications

Due to their combination of excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility. There are many applications of LED lights PCB including traditional home appliances like LED Lights, Automobile lights, emergency lights, and solar-powered street LED lights, flashlights and LED torch. Copper alloy or CEM3 PCB are used instead of the standard FR4 substrate due to their high heat dissipation property.

What is the aluminum base ?

The aluminum base with thermal conductive dielectric aluminum have improved thermal expansion characteristic. The dimensional stability of metallic base PCB is more than Fr4 insulating.


The Benefit of Aluminum PCB in The LED Industry

  • Aluminum PCB is Environmentally Friendly
  • Aluminum PCB and Its Heat Indulgence
  • Aluminum PCB is Best in Durability

As following:

  • Aluminum PCB is Environmentally Friendly:One of the main advantages of aluminum LED PCB is it’s eco-friendly.Its use as the best energy conductor, and it’s also easy to assemble it in any form.This metal is non-toxic and can be transformed into any other shape after usage.In short, it’s recyclable.It has the best use in the circuit board and never harms humans.
  • Aluminum PCB and Its Heat Indulgence:All the light devices are become hot and release excessive heat, but if they assemble not properly, there is a risk of damage or blast.This is the reason LED PCB prefers aluminum in the LED circuit because aluminum is a great heat conductor and can reduce the risk of any danger.You can also see the life of aluminum made LED circuit will be more as compared to other types.
  • Aluminum PCB is Best in Durability:Aluminum is one of the elements that have durability.The aluminum LED PCB can be used for a long time.
  • Aluminum PCB is Lightweight:
    Aluminum is not as heavy as compared to other material or material that is used in other LEDs.It does not only provide durable performance but also light-weighted.

Lower manufacturing and use costs

Aluminum is a metal that can be found in a variety of climates, so it is easy to mine and refine. Therefore, the costs of doing so are significantly lower than other metals. In turn, this means that manufacturing products with these metals are less expensive as well.Aluminum is a very common metal raw material, its mining and production are very convenient. Therefore, the cost of doing so is significantly lower than that of other metals. Conversely, this means that products made from these metals are also cheaper.


More energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Aluminum is non-toxic and recyclable. Because it is easy to assemble, the use of aluminium also helps to save energy. For PCB vendors, the use of this metal helps to maintain the health of our planet.

Better heat dissipation performance

Efficient heat dissipation is the greatest advantage of aluminium PCB. High temperature can cause serious damage to electronic equipment, so it is wise to use materials that can help heat dissipation. Aluminum can actually transfer heat from important components to minimize its harmful effects on circuit boards.

Lighter weight and better elasticity

Aluminum is widely recognized as a light metal. While increasing the heat dissipation performance of high power components, it also reduces the weight of the product itself, and increases the strength and elasticity. In addition, in the transportation of products, lighter weight also saves the transportation cost of products.

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