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5 steps to ensure your product 100% working 

1 First Article Inspection (FAI)

FAI can be understood as the first piece quality inspection before the start of mass pcb assembly.

Is to avoid the large quantities defective that because of the process,operation or other reasons.

Each resistor,capacitance and inductance will be inspected by LCR meter.
The chips verified by QC with BOM and Assembly drawing.

2 Automatic Optic Inspection 

AOI device is for inspection the compoents placement and solder joint quality after SMT(Surface Mounted Technology).

To achieve better quality control,find and remove the errors early in the assembly process.

It is avoid the defective product to assembly,will avoid scrapping the repairable circuit board.

3 X-Ray inspection

X-ray is a very short wavelength of electromagnetic waves, the wavelength range of 0.0006 a 80nm,
with a strong penetration,X-ray could penetrate a variety of different density of the material.

When the design have BGA or QFN,for checking the solder quality that could not be visible by eyes.

We will use X-ray machine to inspect the BGA or QFN package in finished PCB assembly.

4 Final Quality Assuerance (FQA)

After all the above quality control processes,

Quality Engineer will make final quality visual inspection for the all product.

5 Functional Test

Functional Test are based on automated test tools to simulate a variety of normal, peak and abnormal load
conditions to test the performance of the final PCB assembly products.

Functional Test is a complex process,which include Tool made,Programming and testing,
need technicality support from customer.

PCB assembly cost start from 69.9$

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