what is metal core pcb

Metal core PCBs, also known as MCPCBs, are a type of printed circuit board that uses a
metal core as the base material. The metal core provides a number of benefits over
traditional PCB materials, including improved heat dissipation, increased durability, and
better electrical performance.

The metal core used in MCPCBs is typically made of aluminum, although other metals such as
copper or brass can also be used.

The metal core provides a solid foundation for the circuit board, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress.
This makes MCPCBs ideal for use in high-power applications where traditional PCBs would fail.

Aluminum pcb with Insulation hole

One of the key advantages of MCPCBs is their ability to dissipate heat more efficiently
than traditional PCBs. The metal core acts as a heat sink, drawing heat away from the
components and spreading it out across the board. This helps to prevent overheating and
ensures that the components operate at their optimal temperature.

Another advantage of MCPCBs is their durability. The metal core provides a sturdy base for
the circuit board, making it less likely to crack or break under stress. This makes MCPCBs
ideal for use in harsh environments where traditional PCBs would be more prone to failure.


In addition to their improved heat dissipation and durability, MCPCBs also offer better
electrical performance. The metal core provides a low impedance path for the current,
reducing the resistance and improving the overall efficiency of the circuit. This can lead
to improved signal integrity and reduced noise in high-speed applications.

MCPCBs are used in a wide range of applications, including LED lighting, power supplies,
automotive electronics, and industrial controls. They are particularly well-suited for
applications that require high power and/or high temperatures, such as LED lighting
fixtures or power converters.

In conclusion, metal core PCBs are a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of
electronic applications. Their improved heat dissipation, durability, and electrical
performance make them an ideal choice for high-power and high-temperature applications
where traditional PCBs would fail. Whether you are designing a new LED lighting fixture or
a high-power motor controller, MCPCBs are an excellent choice for your next project.


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