Do you understand what the function of pcb circuit board is?

5 main functions of PCB circuit boards:

1. Electrical connection: PCB establishes electrical connections between electronic components (such as chips, resistors, capacitors, etc.) through structures such as wires, traces, and pads. In this way, current transmission, signal transmission and data exchange can be carried out between different components.

2. Mechanical support and fixation: As a basic component of electronic equipment, PCB can provide mechanical support and fixation. They cooperate with the mechanical structure to ensure the stability and reliability of electronic equipment during transportation and use through appropriately sized designs and fixed hole positions.

3. Signal transmission and processing: The wires and traces on the PCB are used to transmit signals inside the electronic device. Through precise wiring and design, PCB can ensure fast and stable transmission of signals in the circuit, thereby achieving normal electronic communication, data transmission and signal processing.

4. Circuit isolation and protection: PCB can achieve circuit isolation and avoid interference between different circuits. In addition, PCB can also provide circuit protection functions, such as adding fuses, resistors, fuses, etc. to prevent overcurrent or short circuit.

5. Heat dissipation and conductivity: The metal heat sink and copper foil layer on the PCB can help dissipate heat and effectively reduce the temperature of electronic components. In addition, PCB itself is a good conductive material and can provide a path for current transmission.


In short, PCB plays a key connection, support and communication role in electronic equipment and is an indispensable part of modern electronic equipment. Their design and manufacturing directly affect the performance, stability and reliability of electronic equipment.

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