RO4835T laminates

RO4835T™ laminates are 3.3 Dk low loss, spread glass reinforced, ceramic
thermoset materials that were designed as inner-layers for use in multilayer
board designs, and to complement RO4835™ laminates when thinner cores are

The world has seen the ongoing evolution of mobile networks, GSM, WCDMA
and LTE that has enabled users to grow data consumption at amazing rates
and Rogers high frequency materials have played a key role in this market.
Antennas, Power Amplifiers, and microwave backhaul radios are needed
to create these mobile networks and dielectric constant controlled, low
loss materials are the foundation on which this technology is based. High
frequency materials are a key enabling technology in the development of the
next generation mobile network, 5G which will reach frequencies well into
millimeter wave bands where multilayer board designs are prevalent. RO4835T
laminates’ multiple thickness thin core options are fully compatible with

RO4450F™ bondply, the new RO4450T™ thin bondplies, and CU4000™/CU4000
LoPro® foil lamination options. When coupled with RO4835 laminates and
RO4000® bonding materials, these material sets provide designers flexibility to
achieve requirements related to high multilayer board (MLB) count designs.

RO4835T laminates offer the same resistance to oxidation as RO4835 laminates,
are low loss, have excellent Dk tolerance, and a tight thickness control for
outstanding, repeatable wireless performance. They feature high performance
material attributes that provide the optimum blend of price, performance and
durability, and can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes.

RO4835T laminates utilize RoHS compliant flame-retardant technology for
applications requiring UL 94 V-0 certification. These materials conform to the
requirements of IPC-4103, slash sheet / 240.

Fetures of RO4835T laminates Material

Significantly improved oxidation
resistance compared to typical
thermoset microwave materials
• Designed for performance
sensitive, high volume

Low loss
• Excellent electrical perfomance
allows application with higher
operating frequencies.
Spread Glass
• Minimizes local variation of
dielectric constant.
Tight dielectric constant tolerance
• Controlled impedance
transmission lines
Lead-free process compatible
• No blistering or delamination
Low Z-axis expansion
• Reliable plated through holes
Low in-plane expansion coefficient
• Remains stable over an entire
range of circuit processing
CAF resistant

aluminum pcb

Rogers RO4835T laminates applications

• Point-to-point Microwave
• Power Amplifiers
• Cellular infrastructure antennas
• Phased-Array Radar
• RF Components
• Test and Measurement

Rogers RO4835T laminates datasheet

RogersRO4835T laminates standard thickness

Standard Thicknesses Standard Panel Sizes Standard Claddings
0.0025″ (0.064mm) +/- 0.0006″
0.0030″ (0.076mm) +/- 0.0006″
0.0040″ (0.101mm) +/- 0.0006″
0.0050″ (0.127mm) +/- 0.0006″
*Contact Customer Service or Sales Engineering to inquire about additional
available product configurations

Rogers RO4835T laminates standard size

12” X 18” (305 X 457mm)
24” X 18” (610 X 457mm)
24″ X 36″ (610 X 915mm)
48″ X 36″ (1219 X 915mm)
*Additional panel sizes available

Rogers RO4835T laminates Copper clad

Electrodeposited Copper Foil
½ oz. (18 µm) HH/HH
1 oz. (35 μm) H1/H1

rogers ro3035 pcb raw material

rogers ro3035 pcb raw material

Rogers RO4835T laminates price

Rogers RO4835T™ laminates price is very high, from 100 to 600 USD/sheet,

The price depend on the rogers  3035 substrate thickness,copper thickness,
Rogers RO4835T™ laminates substrate size etc.

Andwin use Rogers RO4835T™ laminates to make mass PCB production,
Many types Rogers RO4835T™ laminates are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need Rogers RO4835T™ laminates or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good Rogers RO4835T™ laminates price.


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